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   The band VIVID X from the city of Kursk, Russia, was formed in the fall of October, 2001 by the guitar - player Anton "The Small One" Eremin and the drummer Anton "Mad" Latyshev. Before VIVID X they played in a death metal band "CARNAL FORGE" which later dissolved because of everyone's music plans' changes.
   Soon afterwards, the guys accidently met the "guitar master" Roman "Caries" Starokon, and after a few jam sessions they decided to play together...
   The "Caries" guy brought Zhdanov Maxim with him, who soon took a role of both bass player and vocalist of the band. After the band was finally complete the work went on with a full force. Because of everyones' different musical tastes and influences the appeared music was a mixture of black, death and progressive metal. And it was called "Extremal Progressive Metal".
   All band members were happy with the fact of band creation and finally named the band as "VIVID EXPERIENCE" and later shortened to "VIVID X".
   The first "experience" the band received on the music festival "Opposition" where they played as a guests. But that eXperience was not so "VIVID", because of the crappy sound, usual for Kursk city. But overall everything was great!!!
   Later, the band presented there music program on 21 of December, 2001 on the music festival "Horse in the Coat", and soon after that started recording there first Demo - ""V.X" (S/T). Recording was made and crafted in home studio, but despite that fact, the sound quality was quite good.
   But later soon a "fever" with a Roman "Caries" Starokon started. He had been leaving the band for some time, then returning, then leaving again.... And finally left the band completely.
   With only 3 member left, the band still started recording there second demo, mini - CD "Images". Which later been presented on the "Death Death Moroz" music festival. And also the band supported "MERLIN" from Moscow on the opening of the kursk rock club "Legion".
   After that the group begins recording a full length album.
   In the autumn of 2003 the group has finished recording the debut album "V.Xtremal Progress", which has offered to issue on CD Russian label Blacksmith Productions. The offer was accepted, and in April 2004 the first disk of group has appeared.
   May, 2004 was marked by trip to Penza on 5 - th All Russia rock - festival "Alive Sound". It was at 22 may. To a concert the group was invited by their friends from Penza, the group "CONSTANTA", for what group is grateful to them.
   2005. VIVID X have begun preparation of the new material sustained in brutal death/grind core style. Record of this is planned for winter - spring of 2006.

2002 V.X. ( demo )
2002 Visions ( demo )
2003 V.Xtremal Progress ( demo )
2004 V.Xtremal Progress ( CD )  

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