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   In the very beginning the name of the band was MANUSCRIPT. We started in 1994. There were four of us: vocalist Radik Kaverin, two six - stringers Denis Savitski and Sergei Bashilov and bassist Denis Zdanovich. We had been looking for a drummer to form the band completly. We needed a drummer who could play extreme heavy music. The first candidate was Victor Petrov but this time nothing came out of this. Drummer Aleksei Safronov had been playing with us for about four month in 1995. By the end of 1995 we were assured of it`s about time for us to have recorded our promo stuff. There were three songs recorded in Tallinn. "Inquisition" it was the name of the demo. That time we were heavily influenced by doom/gothic. It was spring, 1996 when we had been working with Konstantin Erli who had been our drummer. But he had not joined the band permanently. Konstantin was just helping us out. It was summer, 1996 when guitarist Sergei Bashilov had quit the band. It was about time for us to form the new line - up. Our new guitarist Alex Kobzar and drummer Sass Kuzmin were both from Narva. By the end of 1996 we came to the decision to play death/gore metal and to turn MANUSCRIPT into VIGILIA MORTUM. As VIGILIA MORTUM we had recorded our first fulllenth album "Transformation To The Dust". In the end of 1997 Alex Kobzar left the band for playing in another one POSTMORTEM. Instead of him we accepted new guitarist Roman Denisenko (ex - ARMAGGEDON). In 1998 drummer Sass Kuzmin and bassist Denis Zdanovich had quit VIGILIA MORTUM. Young but very experienced musician Dmitri Savin became our new bassist. Till this moment it`s very necessary for the band to find a drummer.While we have been playing with a drum machine.
   In 1999 V. M. recorded their new album "Invoking" and right after this, the group left Dmitry Savin (bass). He moved to Tallinn . But at the same time the old bass player Denis Zdanovich returned from Tartu and replaced Dmitry. As soon as all changes have been ended big concert activity begun and at the same time they prepared the material for a new album and material for big gig in St.-Petersburg festival "Baltic Death Zone" (1999).
   At this festival played groups: TEAM OCEAN ( Moscow ), BESTIAL DEFORM, DEFLECTION, ZLOMRAK, PREDATOR (St. - Petersburg) and V. M. (Estonia). In 2000 because of problems with health the leader guitarist Denis Savitsky unexpectedly left V.M. and all work above a new material suddenly stoped. In group were only 3 members: Roman Denisenko (guitar), Denis Zdanovich (????), Radislav Kaverin (vocal) and drum machine. But V. M. continued live work and the role of music composer was taken by Roman. At this time band made a lot of gigs around Estonia and recorded a TV - Programm at Tallinn Television. But after this Roman created his own project MONSTERA and V.M. stoped their activity.
   In 2002 Radislav tried to recreate V. M. and agreed about meeting with ex - POSTMORTEM guitar player Dmitry Samorukov (Butcher), and found young but very good drum player Boris Hreptukov. Butcher agreed to recreate V. M. in Tallinn . The new V.M. life in capital city began. Members were Boris Hreptukov (drums), Dmitry Samorukov (guitar), Radislav Kaverin (vocal), and two more musicians have in passing joined these were Aleksandr (Thoth) - guitar ex – MORNING RISE and Pavel (Alarikh) - bass. Thanks to good musicians, V. M. did not change her style and continue to play brutal death metal. For this time band played a lot of concerts in Estonia and was prepared material for the new album, but it was not recorded, though in the middle of 2002 V. M. appeared on compilation “Buckets Of Blood” with song “Shadows Of The Dead City”. It was Canadian label “Bloodbucket Productions” compilation. Because of problems in relations in the band Radislav is stoping his activity and closing V. M. in Tallinn.
   In autumn 2003 Radislav is creating new project C.C. BLAST (nu metal). In band played young but very experienced musicians: Sergey Kozakov - drums, Anton Grushenko - bass, Igor Kluchnik - guitar, Radislav Kaverin - vocal. Gradually C. C. BLAST musicians began playing more heavy and brutal music and then Radislav started thinking of recreation V. M. He met with the soul of the V.M. band Denis Savickij (at this time the problem with health was not so dramatic). Denis agreed to participate in recreation of V. M. The band members were: Sergej Kazakov - drums, Artur Rozenbush - bass, Igor Kluchnik - guitar, Denis Savitskij - lead guitar, Radislav Kaverin - vocal. V. M. begin work for the new material. Almost all 2004 band worked only in the studio and only in the begining of 2005 band solves that V. M. back and still alive and ready to play concerts.
   In 2005 they are working for the new material and at the same time they are recording a new album, working name for it is “Bloody Remorse”. Not quickly musicians develop they live activity.

1995 Inquisition ( demo )
1997 Transformation To The Dust ( MC )
1998 Shadows Of The Dead City ( demo )
1999 Invoking ( MC )
2005 Bloody Remorse ( CD )

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