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     The band was founded in 1981, the next year vocalist Doug / Dead / Lee joined SIREN. In 1984, the band released a self-funded single Metro Mercenary line - up of: Dog Lee - vocals, Rob Phillips - guitar, Benjamin Parrish - bass and Ed Aborn - drums. After the release of the band, the bass player left the band and was recruting by a new one - Edward Amyx. In January 1985, the Iron Coffins demo was recorded. In addition to the title song, there were three more on the record: Shadow Of A Future Past, Before The Storm and Over The Rainbow. Label Sanaty Records from Pennsylvania found out about the band and released Over The Rainbow on Start To Stardom Compilation. The following 1986 was recorded the second demo - Dead Of Night, but already with other participants - guitarist Edward / Faxon / Kotz and bass player Gregg Culbertson. In the same year, the band produced an album - No Place Like Home. You can already hear the new drummer on it - Brian Law. Rob Phillips also returned to the band and can also be heard, instead of Edward Kotz, on his debut album. The record was released on Flametrader Records, by a sub - label Semaphore, in an amount of 8,000 copies. In 1987, the band recorded another demo - The Garage Experiment. The demo was sent to labels and the result was not long in coming. On the second album, Financial Suicide, which was released in 1989 by Aaarrg Records, the composition of SIREN was almost completely changed thanks to the appearance of new guitarist Brian C. Hendrickson, bassist Les Talent and drummer David Smith. The latter has already appeared in the band before recording Metro Mercenary. About 7,000 copies of the album were sold. Unlike the two demos and the single, which sold 8,000 copies, this was a rather low result. After the release of the album, Doug Lee began to work in the German group MEKONG DELTA, and he had little time left for SIREN. Later, Lee moved to Germany, where he assembled a new line - up consisting of bassist Johan Susant (ex - TARGET, ex - HOLY MOSES), guitarist Georgie Symbos (ex - HOLY MOSES) and Fred Fricke (ex - LIVING DEATH, ex - SACRED CHAO, ex - LAOS) and drummer Frankie Ullrich. Initially, the last post was to occupy Jörg Michael, who was forced to give up due to health problems. On October 26, 1990, the band appeared in Werl along with ACCUSER, SECRECY and LIFE ARTIST, where SIREN played in addition to the familiar and new songs such as Straight Jacket, Take It, Winds Of Fire and Evil Clowns. After another demo released in 1991 and includes four songs, the band finally collapsed. The demo contained four previously mentioned songs and was recorded at RCP Studios. The recorded material was pre - made to the third album, and as a result, about 15 unfinished songs were left unpublished. In 2010, the band was supposed to participate in the festival Keep It True, but SIREN canceled their performance and were replaced by the other band - STEELWING. In 2018, Stormspell Records compiled demo recordings - Up From The Depths - Early Anthology & More.

1984 Metro Mercenary ( Single )
1985 Iron Coffins ( Demo )
1986 Dead Of Night ( Demo )

No Place Like Home ( LP ) Flametrader Records

1987 The Garage Experiment ( Demo )
1989 Financial Suicide ( LP / CD ) Aaarrg Records
1991 4 - Song Demo ( Demo )
2018 Up From The Depths - Early Anthology & More Compilation ( 2 CD ) Stormspell
2018 Financial Suicide ( CD ) Blacksmith Productions

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