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     A short history of the German band SACRED CHAO is rooted in the history of the band LIVING DEATH. After the release of the album LIVING DEATH - Worlds Neuroses in 1989, Thorsten / Toto / Bergmann, Fred and Atomic Steif (ex - VIOLENT FORCE) left the band. They created a new band called L.D., and the remaining members of LIVING DEATH (the brothers Reiner and Dieter Kelch) revived the group with three new musicians. It turned out a somewhat strange situation, the press could not determine which of the bands is the real successor to LIVING DEATH and confusion arose. After this confusion, L.D. renamed SACRED CHAO (by the name of one of the songs LIVING DEATH) and invited bassist Lemmy (ex - VIOLENT FORCE) released the self-titled mini-album on Aaarrg Records. Musically, the guys moved away from the thrash sound of LIVING DEATH and turned their attention to a more melodic material in the spirit of bands like RAGE, SCANNER ... However, the musicians did not get it right and the band soon disintegrated. Lemmy went to the gang JAMHEADS, Atomic Steif moved to HOLY MOSES, then to SODOM, the rest did not show any creative activity and sank into obscurity.

1989 Sacred Chao ( MLP ) Aaarrg Records
2017 Sacred Chao ( MCD ) Blacksmith Productions




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