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     PYRACANDA was founded in 1987 in the German city Koblenz. The band were: bassist Rolf Koch, vocalist Dirk Pützfeld, drummer Elmar Gehenzig and guitarists Sven Fischer and Dennis Vaupel. This line - up was composed of the first songs and recorded in the following 1988 on demo Welcome to the Crab - Louse - City. However, in the same year Koch and Pützfeld left the band. In their place were bassist Dieter Wittbecker and vocalist Hansi Nefen. The guys sent a demo to the labels and finally, they were noticed by German label No Remorse Records and signed them for the press of the debut album. In 1990 the album Two Sides Of The Coin was released, produced by Armin Sabol. Encouraged by this, the guys began to compete in clubs. Was prepared new material, but No Remorse has problems and musicians to look for a new label.
 In 1992, Thorns' second album was released on another German label - Aaarrg Records.
But the group's affairs did not work out, the guys quarreled and eventually Gehenzig left the group, followed by Sven Fischer ( later he joined the RAGE band ), the remaining musicians changed their name to ILEX.
 In 1995, the ILEX band released the Wounded Heart demo, and in 1996 their by the album Liebe Ist .... Wishing to shelter musicians under their own wing was not found and in 1997 the band was again renamed into G - REIZZT, recorded the self - titled album, which was released on ABS Records, but he went through unnoticed and in the end the band disintegrated.
 From the former ally of PYRACANDA, guitarist Sven Fischer was more successful and recorded with RAGE some albums, then in 2003 he left and played for 5 years in the band SUB7EVEN.
 On November 19, 2010, a band called PYRACANDA gathered again to mark the 20th anniversary of the release of Two Sides Of The Coin, and played jubilee concert, which took place in Koblenz, on the opening band supported guys from METAL INQUISITOR.


1988 Welcome To The Crab - Louse - City ( demo )
1990 Two Sides Of A Coin ( CD / LP ) No Remorse Records
1992 Thorns ( CD / LP )
Aaarrg Records
2018 Thorns ( CD ) Blacksmith Productions



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