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     POSTMORTEM start in Estonia, in March 1991, Sergey Shelepov. Participants newfound team did not have to look long, they became friends and budding musicians from metal hangouts of the city of Tallinn. The first rehearsal of the team was March 24, 1991 at the home of Mark's lead singer, which was made a rehearsal tape "Rotten Communism." The first concert was held at the rehearsal POSTMORTEM December 31, 1992. In February 1993, had recorded their first studio demo Nightmare Again. In May 1993, POSTMORTEM, was invited to open the Tallinn Rock Festival - Rock In. Young children, age of participants at that time from 14 to 17 years, was given at great speed thrash / death metal, the audience clearly did not expect this. Vocalist Mark Hecht jumped around the stage, screaming like cutting and watering the honest people of beer, a guitarist and bassist jumping and galloping as posing with the quality riffs. Scandalous performance was noticed. POSTMORTEM soon got on the hard rock festival in Estonia - Death Action Festival, where large Number of teams turned out to be among the top three teams in Estonia. Concerts followed one after another. In July 1994 POSTMORTEM recorded in a studio second demo, Prince Of Darkness, with intro and outro played on classical piano. With this song, the guys get the radio where the song lasts for quite some time and held in high regard. 1995 runs with a lot of concerts. People want to buy the bands's records, it was time to record an album. In March 1996 the guys go to the city of Pärnu, where in May Studio 8 songs written the first great album Bloody Justice Comes ... In the summer of 1996 - the first POSTMORTEM released this album on audio cassettes. Circulation sold well at concerts and in stores in Estonia. There have been proposals to re-release the album in Latvia, Belarus, Italy, Lithuania and Russia. Overlook the many collections in the underground businesses worldwide. Team invited to speak abroad. In January 1998, their second, which has already become a classic album, The Call Of The Sea, is being shot on television. In summer 1998 guys are the headliners in Minsk on the international Metal Shock Festival. In 1999, legendary guitarist for KING DIAMOND - Andy La Rocque offered the boys to take part in a tribute project, Church Of The Devil where he addressed the role of the producer. POSTMORTEM accept the offer signed to Hollywood by Dwell Records to record the song Into The Convent. A year later, comes another compilation in Hollywood with POSTMORTEM version of the song The Ocean of LED ZEPPELIN. In 2001, in Moscow on More Hate Productions reissued album, The Call Of The Sea with the addition of bonus tracks. The team actively supports up to 2003, then there is a creative lull. In January 2006, at Magik Art Productions comes the third and biggest album, The Victory Day! Summer of 2006 reprinted in Russia. In April 2007, recorded a tribute PESTILENCE, the song Land Of Tears. In 2009 and 2010 POSTMORTEM give a series of concerts and announced the possible closure of the project ... In 2011, the Russian label, Blacksmith Productions reissued on CD - the first album Bloody Justice Comes ... ( Bloody Justice Comes ... )

1990 Rotten Communism ( demo )
1993 Nightmare Again ( demo )
1994 Prince Of Darkness ( demo )
1996 Bloody Justice Comes ... ( MC )
1997 The Call Of The Sea ( CD )
2006 The Victory Day! ( CD )
2010 Bloody Justice Comes ... ( CD )

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