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      History of NOSFERATOS began in December, 1993 in city of Moscow when two old buddies Alexey Kondrin (not "Lucifer" yet) and Deniss Kopkov (not "Charon" yet) created the band called themself's "GODFATHERS". Soon guitarist Roman Osnovin ("Thomas") joined new band. He was under strong influence of METALLICA and others famous hard metal bands, so GODFATHERS for a while has been playing only covers, and nothing else... But no so much time has to pass, for other band members, to realize what they bothered to play someonelse's music, and guys decided to create they own, only harder and gloomier. Probably then name "NOSFERATOS" came out. In the middle of 1994 was recorded demo with three tracks. And in 1995 structure NOSFERATOS was finally completed. Former drummer left the band and on vacant place has come Ahin'ko Andrey ("Hich") on the second guitar has been invited Sarkisyan Ashot ("Acheron"). In this structure NOSFERATOS started to develop rough activity. After debut performance on death metal festival "Thrash Your Mother" in 1995 where NOSFERATOS was perfectly met by fans, band recorded demo "Dances of the Dead", which in very short time has been distributed all over the City. The band also got into compilation album "Kot Of The Mutilated" (1996), which was released under aegis of festival "DeathTalker". All followed concert season NOSFERATOS was carried out on a stage at Green Theatre, located in "Gorky Park". There guys were played their old program and tried new songs on public.
   Then NOSFERATOS conquered various of Moscow clubs, and played in several metal music festivals such as "Death Rider" and so forth, earning itself popularity. At the same time NOSFERATOS made move into studio and tried to record the full length album based on previous demo "Dances of the Dead". However this attempt was unsuccessful, record was damaged, and the band came to decision not to assign they big hopes for studio recording but make the record by they own. This business was assingned to "guitarerro" Thomas.
   Between recording sesions NOSFERATOS stared to prepare new songs, with new forces. But here changes in the band began. At the end of 1996 bassist Charon, one of NOSFERATOS founders, decided to leave the band though some time he still helped at gigs, while NOSFERATOS got no replacement to a bass - guitar. So in October 1996 NOSFERATOS had gig along with cult russian band of ALISA and Moscow thrashers of BLITZKRIEG, it was one of last acts with bassist Charon in NOSFERATOS. NOSFERATOS found new bass player - Denis Kravtsov. Charon finally leaved the band and created another collective named of THE GATES OF DARKNESS which was supouse to play black metal, but it didn't. At the beginning Charon got help from Lucifer on vocal and his new band structure also included other ex - member of NOSFERATOS - drummer Foont. Guitarist Thomas, teared a part between study in Moscow and his home in Tallinn, moved to Estonia, and took with himself uncompleted record. Only from time to time he appeared in Moscow.
   In December 1997 Acheron left Moscow and moved to live in United States. Soon I found out what bass - player left band too, according to one source - he expelled, according to another - he has left by himself. Pretty ugly situation. Soon, Thomas moved to Tallinn, for good, and found for himself place in local band Postmortem. However here is necessary to recollect the record which many members of the band, who participated in it, didn't see since 1996 after two years Thomas finally finished out the record. And in 1998, on his money he issued the first album "Ventum Inferum de Tenebrae..." on MCs (300 copies) and CDRs (100 copies). In 1999 the album "Ventum Inferum..." on MCs was released by Ukrainian label "Moon Records", approximately in 1000 copies. Has remained practically alone Lucifer and Hich was forced to search a new members for the band. On a bass they took Arcady, and on guitar some guy called Sasha. But guys relaxed not so long... In September, 2000 Acheron returned back in Moscow to visit old friends and to help with record of the new album. At this time, all members of NOSFERATOS decided to kick out drumer Hich from the band, because his unacceptable attitude to his duties. To fill the place of expelled drummer was called old friend of NOSFERATOS, the former member of band of ASCAL and EXCELLENCY - Evgeny Ivanov. But turned out what Ivanov not much better than previous drummer. In November, 2000 NOSFERATOS was back on stage at "Satellite" club in following line up: Lucifer - vocal, Evg. Ivanov - drums, Acheron - guitar, Arcady - bass, Pasha guitar. Then somehow after couple weeks the band returns expelled drummer Hich back. Just about time Thomas showed up in Moscow, and brought with himself unfinished record of a new album. Band was ready to make it next creation - album "Pandemonium". Four months, daily, interrupted only by parties and for "little talk" with the disturbed neighbours, was spended for record. And in the beginning of February, 2001 the album was ready. At the end of February Acheron came back to States. Other band members started to prepare new songs and search for a label to release the last album to the public. In same to year album Ventum Inerum De Tenebrae is republished on Blacksmith Productions in format MC in circulation of 1000 copies.
   As one would expect come back back in command Hich long has not stretched, in half a year it has left, this time under own initiative and on long. In group Evgenie Ivanov has been again accepted. Search of a label for the edition of last album too has appeared not such simple problem. Besides the group tries to depart from habitual already style death in any not clear and likely anybody still not released a direction. Probably, it is impossible, therefore as any shifts it is not visible, neither in that nor in other party. However in 2003 to group album Pandemonium has suggested to publish Irkutsk label Blacksmith Productions. The album was issued and for today the circulation it makes 2500 CDs and 500 cassettes.
   The bass player and the guitarist and not having understood that they try to realize in NOSFERATOS, have decided to play not that reggy not that jazz and as to type a command not under forces has been decided to dismiss the Lucifier thus having left the drummer. As a result it turns out, that in the field of music the group has simply lost last year so - called "searches"... Business now are so, that NOSFERATOS temporarily will be engaged only in studio work, and with concert activity while "is fastened" how much long it is not known.
   In 2004 on Blacksmith Productions re - issued on CD album Ventum Inferum De Tenebrae. Record remastered also is supplied by concert video tracks.

1994 Dances Of The Dead  ( demo )
1998 Ventum Inferum De Tenebrae ... ( demo/CD - R )
1999 Ventum Inferum De Tenebrae ... ( MC )
2001 Ventum Inferum De Tenebrae ... ( MC )
2001 Pandemonium ( demo )
2003 Pandemonium ( MC/CD )
2004 Ventum Inferum De Tenebrae ... ( CD )

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