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     MISCREANT - the band from UFA (Russia) was formed in 1993 by Dementy (vocals/guitars) and Dead (guitar). Some musicants were joined and completed the line - up and the band started to play music that makes satisfied - brutal death metal with an grind touches and melodic solo - guitars. In 1994, Dementy decided to play on drums after various problems with drummers. At the same time they got a new guitar player Rahit.
   Persistent work over perfection of music continues. But band was still searching for a vocalist, because it was very hard for Dementy to combine the playing drums and vocals parts. Subsequently bassist Shmel joint the army. It is necessary group, for concert performances, to use sessional a bass - guitarists among whom of Ufa changed in set Ufa was lit well - known in musical circles, heavy and not so, commands Vadim "Gorky" Peshkov.
   In December, 1995 after long and persistent rehearsals the musical material which has left in January 1996 in the form of demo - an album under name Inside The Beyond has been written down. This demo - the album contains 5 compositions a tool thing, and its duration of 42 minutes. The structure of that time when has been written down Inside The Beyond, looked so: Gosha - vocals, Dead - guitars, bass, keyboards, Dementy - drums, Rahit - guitars. Demo - the album after the massed dispatch on various magazines, studios, labels has received many good reviews from Russian and foreign underground editions specializing on heavy music, and also has been taken on distribution firms interested in similar music.
   In February, 1996 in MISCREANT the bass - guitarist Const comes constant, originally and very much technical owning the tool. Persistent work above a new musical material begins. In May of the same year from - for unwillingness to play death metal MISCREANT leaves the Rickets, having left in the inheritance to group some the compositions. The group remains four together, however, it as does not influence creative process of collective as Dead consults with all guitar parties one. The arsenal of new things constantly replenishes. shes.
   To summer of 1997 the new material has been ready and rehearsed. Process of record and data of a musical material which has begun was prolonged till November of the same year. In parallel with studio work MISCREANT acts on various much gig' Both in a to Ufa and on cities of Bashkiria. In August, 1997 the group for the first time leaves for limits of Bashkiria on festival of extreme music Death Panorama 5 in the city of Perm where plays together with GRENOUER (Perm), TINTAGEL (Perm), WARHEAD (Dobryanka) and STONEHENGE (Moscow).
   The second is published in January, 1998 at MISCREANT demo album received name Occult Philosophy duration of 55 minutes and containing 8 compositions + instrumental. Already stable structure existing and until now took part in record of an album, are: are: Gosha - vocals, Dementy - drums, Dead - guitars, Const - bass. Occult Philosophy as has received huge weight of enthusiastic reviews and responses from various editions and fans, and MISCREANT has received some offers on cooperation from different firms and labels. The group has lead all 1998 in concert activity, and, certainly, in creation of the new musical program. On December, 12th, 1998 MISCREANT participated in metal - show "Doomsday - 2" in the city of Naberezhnye Chelny with participation ALKONOST, MOLESTATION (both from Chelny) and PANNYCHIDA (Kazan).
   On April, 24th, 1999 Gosha will organize a concert on which, except for Ufa MISCREANT and ILYTSCH DEAD, plays Perm GRENOUER. on May, 22nd same year MISCREANT plays club "Faust" that is in a Ekaterinburg together with local death metal band of LEXX. After summer holiday MISCREANT again visits Ekaterinburg where on October, 2nd plays all in same club "Faust", and on October, 3rd in club "Sphynx". All year has passed in creative search which has come to the end with creation new musical material. However concert activity also has not been forgotten by musicians. From large gigs which could be noted for 2000 year is participation MISCREANT, as headliner, in the ninth metal - fest Death Panorama where played WARHEAD, GRENOUER, ALKONOST and LEAD FREEDOM (Sharya); and participation in concert devoted 75 Anniversary any newspaper which there passed open air in the central park of Ufa.
   In the end of summer of 2000 on independent label Blacksmith Productions in circulation in 1000 spears leaves eaves reprinting of the first demo - album Inside The Beyond.
   Within 2001 the new material which as a result has been written down turned out and in 2002 has been published on CD/MC by means of BLACKSMITH Productions. The album has received name Oppressive. For today all circulation MC (500 spears) and the general circulation of CDs is sold has made 2000 spears. After an output of an album the group was noted by several concerts and has received a prize at the festival spent local weights - media, in a nomination "The best album of year" among groups of Ufa. The musicians inspired by success have started to prepare for a new material.
   In 2004 on Blacksmith Productions in a format of CD were re - issued the two first album of group. Records were remastered and are supplied concert a bonus tracks. In October, 2004 MISCREANT have acted on one stage with Polish deathsters VADER which in tour around CIS countries, have visited Ufa. Concert video which prepares now for the edition on Blacksmith Productions in has been removed format DVD. Record new a material has received a delay in connection with rearrangements in structure of group. Having received a respite musicians of group have dispersed under foreign projects. Process of stabilization of structure till now is not finished.
   In 2005 the group has won back a concert with Polish BEHEMOTH which in tour around CIS countries.

1996 Inside The Beyond ( demo )
1998 Occult Philosophy ( MC )
2000 Inside The Beyond ( MC )
2002 Oppressive ( MC/CD )
2004 Occult Philosophy ( CD )
2004 Inside The Beyond ( CD )

2006 The Beyond Video ( DVD )

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