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     The L.W.S. INC. or LUNATICS WITHOUT SKATEBOARDS INC. was formed in November 1987 on the remains of the WHIPLASH and STRAY BULLETS bands. From STRAY BULLETS came guitarist Joost Stolk and John Frijn (vocals), and from WHIPLASH is Dennis Hartog (guitar) and Manfred Van Zadelhoff (bass) joined the new band. The drummer in the band was Don Tesselaar. The guys knew each other for a long time, so they quickly played and had fun at the rehearsal room. Thinking that there was not much to play, thrash metal, but with a sense of melody, in the vein of bands like TESTAMENT, EXODUS, DARK ANGEL ... The guys did not want to play the songs of their former bands, so they immediately set out to create their own repertoire and they started to work hard To create your own songs. 20 March 1988 L.W.S. coming at studio to record a demo of Death And Die. This demo contained 5 songs for 20 minutes. The demo did not go unnoticed and, as a result, L.W.S. signed a contract with the legendary German label Aaarrg Records. The band performed a lot with gigs, which made them a good reputation. L.W.S. performed on the same stage with bands such as CYCLONE, MANDATOR, UPSET NOISE and BLESSED DEATH. In April 1989, they recorded their first full album - Welcome To The Asylum, containing elements of hardcore, speed and thrash and filled with a unique melodic sound. The lyrics are inspired by fun, alcohol and movies. Especially distinguished on the album are several songs: Die A Violent Death, 1428 Elmstreet and Chop Till Death. Throughout 1990, the musicians toured and prepared new material. 1991 was marked by the fact that the band recorded the second demo - The Second Coming. However, he did not impress the owner of Aaarrg Records, and the label itself had problems and therefore the cooperation with the band did not continue. Other people who wanted to shelter the group were not found, and in fact L.W.S. ceased to exist. The musicians wandered off wherever. Dennis Hartog was noted in 1994 on the demo HAMMERHAWK. Manfred recorded in 1993 a demo with the band ORPHANAGE. By 1996, the musicians reunited and decided that a new chance had come, recording the second album - Reality, which was released on the label Upcoming Artists. And although the album was produced by Alex Perialas ... it passed almost unnoticed and this time the band broke up completely. Of all the band's musicians, only Dennis Hartog, who started playing with HAMMERHAWK again, continued his musical career, incidentally performed and recorded with bands MENTORHAWK and PUTRIFIED. As a result, in 2012 he joined the group SINISTER, in which he plays to this day. Manfred Van Zadelhoff recorded EP with the band of MAC -11 and then founded his music label Rusty Cage. On which in 2006 he reissued the debut album L.W.S., adding to it the first demo of the band.
On March 17, 2007 L.W.S played the only concert of the Dynamo club, on the anniversary of the existence of the label Rusty Cage, in line-up:

Rene Schreuder Ц бас ( ex Ц WOLVERINE )
Maus Watervoort Ц ударные ( ex Ц ADETAR )
Ronald / Roon / Tromp Ц гитара ( ex Ц DELIRIUM )
John Frijn - вокал

1988 Death And Die ( demo )
1989 Welcome To The Asylum ( LP ) Aaarrg Records
1990 Welcome To The Asylum ( CD ) Aaarrg Records
1991 Second Coming ( demo )
1995 Reality ( CD )
2006 Welcome To The Asylum / Death And Die ( Demo )  ( CD ) Rusty Cage Records
2017 Welcome To The Asylum ( CD ) Blacksmith Productions

e - mail: indianjohn@wxs.nl ( John Frijn )



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