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    Angarsk ... Severe in 1989 ... Komsomolets - punk, a member of the editorial board since 1982, and tireless hard student lazy pioneering Alexey Ioffe decided it was time to create your own music band has come. Banal story ... I bet something like that with someone already happened. It is not surprising that once in his classroom were found companions, rascal, for whom the opportunity to shake their heads together with a guitar in his hands before the public was an accomplishment. After the natural selection of candidates on the principle: "you play with us?", The group has found a stable structure, and even coined a name for himself: "George Cross"! Not like anything! Further, all as it should: the cellars in the smoke, speech to zonked friends, and even record an album. Title too sour: "Hell's Paradise." No comments. Then someone in the army, whom the god of mercy. It was necessary to gather a group for a new one. At this time, members of the band to pick up on sensible, because each of them had already had experience playing in groups, in addition, almost all of them knew how to write songs. With this in record time has been turned out new material and invented a new team name: "Yak -40" ( not to be confused with the same team of poppy ). Yes, it has been for real! Concerts, festivals, fans, appearances in other cities. It seemed a little bit more and "... Group broke up. Itself. Groups always fall apart yourself. Moreover, if the group itself can not ruin it certainly should break up. There are such groups that neither they can not. Can not. Oh, how they might take to them! Yeah-ah !!!... Stop. It was then that we come to a crucial moment in this story. It was this year, so - a kind, in 1993. Sitting in a stairwell on the steps of a bottle of vodka, Alex Joffe said his friend Sergey Checkmenev: "Let's play together." It is necessary to acquaint the reader with this person closely. Sergei though never was a Young Communist - punk ( and even if he was, understandably, by that time would not have been ). It is important to another. Chekmenev was too lazy tireless innovator and in addition is also a musician! Thus was born the alliance between the two guitarists, songwriters and as a consequence of Music and abnormal formation of the name "Heartburn ( Izzoga )". In fairness, I would like to see that every next musical project was more successful than the previous one. "Heartburn" grinding with such fury that few seemed neither to whom. In her hopelessly provocative works, such as in a distorting mirror reflecting the fashionable currents of heavy music in those days. It was like a mockery of the alternative option. Those who heard "Chuck and Huck" and "Butterflies - beetles" from the album "Life has become better, become happier," are unlikely to say otherwise. As time went on. Musical Stages Angara, became cramped for the "real heroes". Somewhere far, far away already swollen seed new ideas, and if a good listen, it was possible to distinguish weak beats of a new heart. His knock was becoming more confident and stronger. Now it is rather looked like a solid rhythm of the drum. Yes, it was a drum! Yes, yes, a drum!

Line Up:
Joffer - vocals, guitars
Chika - vocals, guitars
Fritz - drums
McStrel - vocals, bass


1989 Hell's Paradise ( demo )

YAK - 40
1993 Railway Death ( demo )

1995 Adjiga ( demo )
2007 Zhit Stalo Luchshe, Stalo Veseley  ( CD )



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