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   The band was formed in 1993 in Irkutsk, Russia. First it played hard'n'heavy and had the name of BIG TROUBLE. After several substitutions the stuff became stable and was made up the following musicans:

Alexander Aidarov - vocals
Max Popov - bass guitar, back vocals
Valery Shukevich - guitars
Yuri Tomisch - drums

   In May 1994 the band was awarded the prize for professional skill at “Sarma-94” Festival in al in Angarsk. Later on in November it won Grand Prix among 25 groups at the Festival in Bratsk.
   1995. The band changes the drummer for Dennis Popoff ( Max's namesake ) In February the group starts its so - called theatrical activity. All the musicans go in the cast of Irkutsk “Pilgrim's Theater” participarting in the following rock operas: “The Suit”, “Antigona”, “The Murderes”. The Band 's passion for the theater and large music forms ejected its solo creative work.
   1996. This year was marked by the beginning of a close collaboration with with Irkutsk State Musical Theater. The famous Russian rock - opera “Junona and Avos” by Alexey Rybnicov and the musical tale “The Bremen Musicans” by Genady Gladkov were staged. By the New Year the band composes the rock tale “Mukha Tsokotukha” with Vladimir Sokolov as a co - author.
   1997. In August the premiere of the rock opera “Jesus Christ Superstar” by A.L. Webber took place in Russian. The perfomance is of a great success among critics and spectators. Being a part of the theater's cast the band goes on tour at “Moscow Art Academic Theater” between 31 October and 6 November. Gradually the band is returning to its solo activity in spite of being fully occuped in theatrical perfomances. With a broadening of the repertoir the band gives solo concerts outside of the theater.
   1998. In Spring another rock opera “The Star and the Death of Hoakin Murietta” was staged. In Summer BIG TROUBLE gets the award in the nomination “Mr. Drive” at the international festival “Baikalsk-98”. The band starts working at its debut album.
   1999. Irkutsk company “Music Most” releases “Four Elements” a long awaited album in english. After having been recorded the album was presented on the stage of Irkutsk Musical Theater in May, 12. Besides their own compositions the musicans presented 4 compositions by Antonio Vivaldi from the “Seasons” series with the participation of the ballet troup of the theater. This summer the band spent on tour in Kemerovo and Vladivostok. In December, during one night the drummer of the band Dennis composes and records his solo album called “Drumonoid” produced by Max Popoff. In the recording also took part the drummers from symphony orchestra of the Musical Theater - Igor Migunov and Pavel Rantsev.
   2000. The premiere of the rock show “Stairway to Heaven” took place on the stage of the theater. It included cover versions of most famous rock compositions which became the classic of the genre. The band comes to a final decision to change the name. So BIG TROUBLE turns into STIHIYA. The musicans began to present their songs in Russian and the style converted into progressive rock. The band feels an apparant lack of a keyboardist, so necessary for such a music. The summer the group spends on tour with the theater in Yaroslavl. In fall the three musicans  Max, Dennis and Valera make an instrumental project AGARTA with the participation of Irkutsk guitarist Myth. The disc called “Under the same sky” was recorded and released in December 2003 by Starless Records, Moscow.
   2001. The band takes a permanent keyboardist Dmitry Iskhakov and starts to work at new material. During the concerts and rehearsals a misunderstanding between Alexander Aidarov and the rest of the band emerges. In summer the band goes on tour to Voronezsh.
   2002. In January the band composes and together with the ballet troup of the theater stages the rock ballet “Silver string... or where reality ends”. In spring Alexander leaves the band because of personal and creative disagreement. He is replaced by Vladimir Antipov known by his activity in the “Pilgrims Theater” and also taking part in the perfomances of the Musical Theater. In “Jesus Christ Superstar” he plays Judas Iscariot. In June the band records the demo called “The Mazes of the way”. July the group spends on the theater tour in Kiev where the perfomances with the band's participation have a great success.
   2003. The group continues fruitful work in structure of Musical theatre, actively acts on Irkutsk platforms and thinks out a material for a debut album. July - August. The group starts record of an album (drum type parties to an album and to ballet "The Silver string" are written). Up to the end of year the group is borrowed by record. In December on Moscow the record label Starless Records leaves a disk of the project AGARTA.
   2004. In May musicians again are united in AGARTA and on May, 23rd win back presentation of an album all on the same stage of Musical theatre. Besides things from a disk, musicians still more some new compositions plus the improvised jam session. In June drummer Denis Popov has made a decision to leave "Elements". The reason for that became musical disagreements. In connection with strong limitation of studio time and the big employment of musicians at theatre, record of an album was prolonged till July. In July - August group on tours with theatre in the city of Astrakhan. Behind drums still Denis. In August the new drummer of group becomes Alexey ( Bob ) Baev. From August till November there are data of an album. The group begins negotiations with September with various a record labels, both Russian, and foreign about the edition of an album, which by this moment available. Together with it the group, already finally, makes a decision on change of the name, which all this time, for whatever reasons did not arrange musicians. After long and painful searches, all at last send to the consent and since January, 1st, 2005 the group will officially carry name EXTROVERT. The written down album which the Silver string will refer to "Having woken Ocean" and music to ballet "Or there where comes to an end now" will be published from group EXTROVERT.
   On January, 2005. 19th the group for the first time under the new name and with the new drummer has appeared on the air of a telechannel the EXPERT Baikal of TV in the program "The Musical environment ", and on January, 24th on a stage all of the same Musical theatre the first concert of group under name EXTROVERT took place. The command has sung all songs with recently written down, and still yet not let out album and as some compositions from ballet "The Silver String" have played at participation of ballet of theatre. In March Alexey Baev has had time to participate even in record of an album, having added in back vocals and having introduced additional painting and a variety. In April the group and the Russian record label Blacksmith Productions have concluded the contract on release of an album. At once musicians occupy in studio to continue record of other tracks of music to ballet "The Silver String" which will leave as a tool album of group. On June, 17th the album "Having Woken Ocean" was issued. In July the group will leave vocalist Vladimir Antipov and invites new - Boris Golik ( ex - the CROSSROADS, AIRPLAIN OF MONEY ). In August musicians leave with theatre on tour across the Far East.

Line up:
Ìàx Popov - bass, back vocal
Boris Golik - vocal
Valery Shukevich - guitar, back vocal
Alexey ( Bob ) Bayev - drums, back vocal
Dmitry Iskhakov - keyboard.


1999 Four Elements ( MC )

2000 Under The Same Sky ( CD )

2002 The Silver String … ( Ballet ) ( Demo CD - R )

Making The Ocean Awake ( Video CD - R )
Making The Ocean Awake ( CD )
2007 Silver String Or Where Reality Ends ( CD )
2008 Making The Ocean Awake ( CD )

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