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   ENDLESS GLOOM band was formed in a the Orel by the people who have united because of similar musical interests: Rodin Evgeniy ( guitar ), Semanin Vitaly ( guitar ), Yanno Dmitry ( vocal ), Verizhnikov Jury ( bass ). The normal drummer who interested from metal, and the main thing, had seriuosly desire to play, for that moment to find it was not possible. This initial structure of a band has developed in 1999, and with arrival to group new, already constant drummer Dmitry Krylov, remains constant till now. Having replaced some working names, musicians have stopped on name ENDLESS GLOOM.
   Debut took place in the Orel in June 2001 ã.. The Concert with strong bands from Tula, Moscow and Bryansk has inspired musicians on continuation and development of the musical activity. In a year of rehearsals in repertoir death hell - collective ENDLESS GLOOM, there were songs Incubus, Purgatory, Died Unborn, lethargic - Let Me Out and other compositions composed in the first months of existence of group. Prevalence of slow things began to bother, but, as is known, difficulties temper and induce to action: suddenly begun problems with rehearsal base have angered a gang. In crude garages the first are born brutal songs. The band during 2002 - gives 2004 in Moscow and Tula about 15 concerts, being collected by concert experience and running in the fresh program.
   The first seriously the exit concert took place in Moscow on September, 29th, 2002 in Ð - Club which after a summer break has been tightly hammered by people. Having occupied a stage, ENDLESS GLOOM has given out death metal, having provoked wild slam. Then a series of concerts in R - Club in the company with MORTEM has followed. From the materials finished shooting at concerts the band the efforts removes a clip on a composition “ Let Me Out ”, become already as card ENDLESS GLOOM. On June, 13th, 2003 ENDLESS GLOOM acts in Moscow «Relax» the concert last c 5 evenings till 5 mornings. The band has stepped onstage only in a floor - the third nights.
   October, 2003 has appeared successful enough in musical career of group. In the beginning of October Glooms
take part in grandiose metal fest of Death Infection in Tula with Kiev grind - maniacs MENTAL DEMISE, headliner on which there were fathers European death - metal, Austrians PUNGENT STENCH. Also with a view of “development of Russia” band in the end of October visits Yaroslavl "Guerrilla" where wins back the powerful program. At this concert the composition about a life leprosy under name Rotting Existence for the first time has been presented. Two were ready To the beginning of 2004 more new tracks: necrophilic - I Fuck Your Bloody Body - narrating «about love not to alive, and to dead», and a song about corporation of corpses - Corpsporation which forms style of a band – death metal with gore - lyrics. Having updated the concert program, ENDLESS GLOOM in April play on Tula «Squall - 7», and act in club "Molot" in company with FLESHBOMB and MERLIN. Year has proceeded a years concert at the Moscow cinema "Dawn", gig on open - air stages within the limits of big fests in the Orel and Bryansk areas, and has ended satan mosh in the Tula recreation center of Metallurgists.
   2005 Year has begun concerts in Tula "Pioneer", plays on fest in the Orel and behind its feature on Byke - show. In May the collective plays on «Musicness Party - 5», devoted of Chuck Shuldiner together with HIERONYMUS BOSCH, NEGLECTED FIELDS, EVERLOST, SERDCE, SEDUCER’S EMBRACE. Then there is a July concert to CORROSION OF METAL in Tula club of "India". Having returned to Eagle ENDLESS GLOOM finishes work above two new songs in style death metal - Grave New World and I Am No More. In September ENDLESS GLOOM visits of Bryansk then musicians start to prepare for record of an album. Having won back in native city two concerts, a band sends to studio, for record of the first album. In an album which it has been decided to name Corpsporation, has entered 9 tracks. Corpsporation is a mix from all creativity of group, the best material written within 5 years.
   In the beginning of September the band lets self - released the limited edition circulation which misses success among admirers. In the spring of 2006 has begun death - bombardment of Orel clubs "Oceans" and "Salute" gigs with AMATORY, TRACTOR BOWLING, JANE AIR, NEVERSMILE, etc. From September, 18 till September, 23rd ENDLESS GLOOM have gone to supercharcoal round ( the Orel, Samara, Yoshkar Ola, Nizhni Novgorod ) under name Metal Spirit Resurrection Tour Vol. 3. In round participated SINFUL ( Moscow ), ACT OF GOD ( Perm ), LITTLE DEAD BERTHA ( Voronezh ), DEMOGORGON ( Yoshkar Ola ) and ENDLESS GLOOM.
   Having returned from round, the band decides to remove high - grade, instead of live a clip. Having developed a plot, the decision to recover track - I Am No More is accepted. In the end of December the command has acted on session "Tin" where two have been presented to attention of public tracks from the new material which has not entered on an album: I Will Lock You Up! And Join Us.
   In the end of year the group receives some offers on release of album Corpsporation. As a result an album it decided to let release on Blacksmith Prodictions. However the output
of an album for some reasons was delayed. Its output is planned for summer of 2007.

   Now the band works above a new material.

2005 Corpsporation ( CD - R )
7 Corpsporation ( CD )

2009 Join Us! ( Single )
2010 Audiodead ( CD )

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