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   EMBERLAND was formed as a brutal death metal band by Dmitriy Bratishkin in Novosibirsk in 2002. A second participant, Irina (bass), joined at the end of 2002. That time all rehearsals were held at home with a usage of drum machine. Yet there was a lot of material to work with and the band started a search of a skillful drummer.
   So in 2003 EMBERLAND was enlarged with Evgeniy Golubev (drums). Since then they got to work intensively on the instrumental parts of the songs. The musicians had already achieved a good ensemble but soon Irina left the band. All further attempts to find an eligible bass-player failed and still this position in EMBERLAND is vacant.
   At the end of 2003 Alexey Kozlov came in the band as a vocalist.
   A year later all material for the first album were completed. So at the end of 2004 EMBERLAND started a studio recording that was roundly finished to the mid of the next year.  
   EMBERLAND music is influenced by death metal, death core, grind core, sludge core and stoner rock. Making this record the band had an aim to reach the world level in that musical field.  
   In the end of 2005, the band has received the offer on release of debut CD on Blacksmith Productions.

2005 Emberland (
CD - R )
2006 Emberland (
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