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  Band of ECLIPSE has been formed in October, 1993 on fragments of several local commands. In December of the same year the first demo "Bride Of Grave", consisting of 2 tracks has been written down. The end result of musicians has not satisfied also record has been thrown out, simultaneously group both have left also the guitarist. After small perturbations, by March, 1994 the structure was stabilized and has become:
Sergey ( Orpheus ) Sharandin - vocal
Dmitry Savin - guitar
Arcady Korobitsyn - guitar
Konstantin Mogilny - bass
Alexey Savin - drums.
   In such kind the group debuted on May, 8th, 1994 on fest "Rubilovo Naprotchl! - 1". In October, 1994 was it is written down by a demo "Bloody Pathology". The sound to group was done by Goebbels ( HITLER ). The album not bad extended and had good responses in a underground. All this time ECLIPSE acts at every possible concerts and fests, in a holder with such commands as: HITLER, PANDEMIA, MORTUM, ANAL PUS, D.B.T., and many other things.
   To summer of 1995 for the different reasons the structure was reduced up to a format of a trio:
Sergey ( Orpheus ) Sharandin - vocal, bass
Dmitry Savin - guitar
Alexey Savin - drums.
   In such structure work above the program "The Symphonys Of Pathological Love", and at the same time and concert activity was conducted. In the spring of 1996 in group Konstantin Mogilny, and already in the end of June, after the next concert comes back, from - for internal disagreements the structure leaves Orpheus which has borrowed in solo industrial project CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY. In October, 1996 ECLIPSE sits down in studio for record of a material "The Symphonys Of Pathological Love". Orpheus acts here in a role of the producer, and at the same time by means of musicians ECLIPSE writes a demo of own project. In a sound on record of both projects Goebbels besides is engaged. After record both project receive many offers from underground labels on realization of a material in MCs format. Having received more than positive responses on new album Orpheus again decides to reunite with other participants ECLIPSE.

   To summer of 1997 has been turned out a material for a new album which was successful played on concert stages of Arkhangelsk and Severodvinsk. To winter of a disagreement in structure of were again heated. In such intense condition the group goes to studio to do trial record of a new material after which in December, 1997 ECLIPSE simply ceases to exist. Orpheus leaves with a head in ns - ideology, still any time, together with Konstantin Mogilny it tries to stir up the new project, but all attempts have appeared vain of - for nonprofessionalism of local ( young ) musicians. There has come time of full stagnation!
   However all last time Orpheus attempts to reanimate ECLIPSE, but words of the consent of former colleagues were undertaken, unfortunately, by business have not been supported. Now Konstantin Mogilny has project DCLXVI ( black metal ), Orpheus is engaged in the solo project in a direction dark ambient music with ns - lyrics.

1993 Bride Of Grave ( demo )
1994 Bloody Pathology ( MC )
Symphonys Of Pathological Love
2000 The Symphonys Of Pathological Love ( MC )
2006 The Symphonys Of Pathological Love/Calling Our
          Desires ( CD )




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