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   DEATHONATOR it is based in June, 1989 by Alexander Shalimov (Ash) - bass, vox and Dmitry Donskoy (Tank) - drums. After short search V. Guseynovó joins group. Later some months, DEATONATOR play the first gig with AFFECT. Action took place in an assembly hall of one of schools Yuzno Sakhalinsk on October, 13th, 1989, on Friday. Also it is considered to be this date Birthday DEATHONATOR. Then V. Guseynov leaves from Sakhalin, and Ash and Tank start forced to search to it for replacement. In March of next year Andrey Romanov which influence has affected not only stylistics of group comes to group, - at this time the group tends speed metal to sounding, - but also at a professional level of musicians. With Romanov of DEATHONATOR writes down some the rehearsal tapes had narrow circulation among the Sakhalin fans.
   Having lost there is less than year and not having given in structure of DEATHONATOR any concert, in September 1990 Romanov leaves in AFFECT. Having tried several musicians, Ash and Tank stop the choice on Dmitry Ponomarev (Omar), and together with it on a post of the separate vocalist of group Victor Kochergin (F.O.Mich) comes. With arrival of new forces DEATHONATOR continue to play speed metal with elements a thrash.
   During 1990 - 1991 the group, besides other, creates songs till now groups being by the card - <Alcoholic> and the <Power-saw bench> which has united in punk a sound and thrash a pressure. In 1992 in structure of DEATHONATOR there is a second guitarist - Roman Shalnov and in this structure, for the first time after so long break, DEATHONATOR steps onstage as the hors concours participant of festival vocal - tool ensembles of system of vocational training. In same to year to group Arcady (Jun - Doc. Death) joins lyricmaker.
   In August, 1992 F.O.Mich gets in a road accident, duties of the vocalist have been assigned on Ash. And in September the group plays new songs at concerts in a hall of the Union of theatrical figures and on opened live session at date of city.
   1993 has begun with the invitation of group to annual festival <Spring Drive - 2> to t; to Khabarovsk. DEATHONATOR has prepared some new songs for festival - the program (the title, and also a ballad and instrumental from this program have been written down in January, 1993 on the Sakhalin radio, but circulations had no because of bad quality of record). Before departure, musicians, having come on rehearsal, have found out the reh - room ruined. Thieves have been found also two days later group has left on fest.
   The first festival experience has appeared successful - DEATHONATOR played first and last days festival and has liked both to public, and brothers on the weapon. On arrival for Sakhalin DEATHONATOR changes a rehearsal point and, having received a little bit greater opportunities, continues to work above a cycle. The first independent solo gig took place in November, 1993. In the end of 1993 the group spends one more solo concert, accompanied to the shows prepared by show - troupe ENCEPHALON.
   In the beginning of next year DEATHONATOR recorded a 45 - minute official demo. In April, 1994 DEATHONATOR acts in Khabarovsk at the next festival and in local fatal club of <Spasm> in Split with LINER. DEATHONATOR, on returning in native penates and having won back on local fest <Symbiosis> and gig about hard - rockers WIN, accepts on Ivan Madjanov (Mad John), was frontman PROTEUS, on a vocal and starts to work above a material for a new demo.
   For the first time songs of this cycle have sounded on New Year's Party in the end of December, 1994. But already later month group sits down in studio and throws up 7 songs of Paradise Hurt. Practically all reviews of this release were positive. At the next festival in Khabarovsk (March, 1995) group accepted very warmly. To performance at official festival preceded mini fest of Abominable Vomit, taken place in "Khabarovsk", with participation PARACELS, INSIDE DEAD, GANGRENE (all from Khabarovsk), TRIDENT (Ulan Ude) and, certainly, DEATHONATOR.
   In August in structure of group there are rearrangements. As a result the final structure for September, 1995 became such: Don, Shalnov, Ponomaryov, Madyanov (it was switched to a bass) separate vocalist Michael Majorov. Ash has been noticed in structure of AFFECT, and in a consequence in EXCESS. And all year DEATHONATOR works above songs for the 1996 of a demo declared on the end. But once again financial and other problems force to postpone record. In April, 1997, on returning from XIII Far East festival fate and alternative music, DEATHONATOR take part in IV Sakhalin rock festival, and also in actions of TV schedules <Generation X> and <Music>. At last, in the middle of November, has to the public left a demo. Immediately new demo sends to a number leading underground labels, compilations and magazines of Russia and the CIS where finds enthusiastic responses and offers to realization. In support of new demo DEATHONATOR in next, already sixth time sends on the Khabarovsk festival, and also participates on gig <On an altar of madness> in Vladivostok, together with TODESGEIST, PROPAGANDA, KEEN and others. In June the group, having passed competitive selection from more than 200 applicants, receives the invitation to participation in grandiose festival (Kungur, the Perm area), but, alas, financial problems (and then for a trip of group 4 000 dollars were necessary), have not allowed DEATHONATOR to reach the Europe (in geographical sense).
   The economic crisis which has burst in August, 1998, has considerably confused plans of group, has forced to freeze a number of perspective projects. But it also has pushed DEATHONATOR to purchase new - legal - the status. In December, 1998 the group registers the public organization on support of alternative kinds of art <Asgard> which purposes are all kinds of activity underground bands. During same time of the contradiction in group reach a critical mark and, at the height of record of a new material, DEATHONATOR makes a decision to dismiss D.Ponomarev, actually retired groups. This step again has cast away DEATHONATOR back. But soon all rises on the places, - the group has appeared viable and in the reduced variant. In two months DEATHONATOR acts at the bottom of a birth of local <Europe>. Performance of guys was accepted even more warmly, than Moscow <star> which have left after them of Oleg Valjando. Then again Khabarovsk, is a lot of concerts in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, a trip on inter - regional festival a jazz – priest - rock of music to Tynda, <knife> departures the nearest to regional city centre of Sakhalin.
   In October, 1999 the band has grandiosely noted the decade on a stage of a recreation center <Native land>, having organized regional festival where groups from all Sakhalin have been invited. For today today DEATHONATOR is the most significant group of Sakhalin, on which account about hundred performances, tens festivals and the actions, five official demos.
   In the beginning of 2000 in group there is a new person - young and perspective guitarist arist Dmitry Kapustjuk who organically was a part DEATHONATOR. A demo - its first work as guitarist DEATHONATOR. Unexpected change of structure has comprehended group in October 2000. Under pressure of circumstances Kapustyuk leaves structure DEATHONATOR. Its place the keyboard player - borrows Vasily Mikhailov. The group reorients the music on dark/death and already in new structure prepares for a material for the next demo. Before next Khabarovsk voyage DEATHONATOR leaves from Hamburger Studio with a newly made album - And Death Will Be My Savior? In Khabarovsk at festival DEATHONATOR for the first time plays a material of an album on public completely. Contact of group to Nizhniy Novgorod label Fatal Forum has brought long - awaited results - in June on FFP there was last album of group in a cassette format. In October 2001 having said goodbye to Vasily Mihajlov, accept in the bosom of the new maestro of keyboards - Sergey Yudin. Soon there was a problem with a vocal. John, having decided to devote to game on the tool, has refused a place behind a microphonic rack. The trial and error method had been revealed earlier Alexey Gribkov far from music possessing a strong, dense pure vocal. Arrival new frontman has not affected music of group (at least not in the worst party) - all the same heavy (whether death?) a pressure, tasty arrangements, slightly melancholic atmosphere. The group has closely come nearer to Gothic sounding (but not to the maintenance!).
   In June, at the bottom of youth, DEATHONATOR in new structure has addressed 5 - to a thousand audience, the concert was broadcast on the air to all Sakhalin. In October, 2002 on 9 city rock - festival with it and organized DEATHONATOR again shocks listeners having won back all at once 4 songs of OTHER MUSIC! The group begins work above a new material, but in the heat of this there was a terrible tragedy. On August, 20th, 2003 in an air crash the drummer of group - Dmitry Donskoy was lost. 2004 there was a new material - Rebirth everyone have been written down. The name of a new album symbolically, and in the big degree reflects a today's condition of collective.

1992 C.H.A.O.S. ( Consumed Hate & Outrageous Stagnation ) ( demo )
1993 Faces Of Death ( demo )
1994 Paradise Of Pain ( demo )
1997 Desecration - 1995 - 97 ( MC )
1999 Endsville ( MC )
2001 Desperate ( CD - R )
2001 And Death Will Be My Savior… ( MC )
2004 Rebirth ( CD - R )
2005 The Endsville ( CD )

2008 No Heaven On Earth ( CD - R )

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