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   In the spring 2002 year a.t. ( guitar ) and II ( drums ), got support ko.de. ( bass ), have started rehearsals which, it is necessary to tell, up to the end of year there were all some pieces. On different rather reality to the reasons in activity of band there has come a pause till February, 2004. By this time in band have been engaged knflct ( vocal ) and hagal ( guitar ), last 2005 to the beginning has been compelled to leave band from - for employment in basic band APOKEFALE. In the meantime, by February, 2005 the ABORTARIUM has ripened to the first record, but from - for problems with studios all record was tightened till October after that all initial materials have been sent on the data and mastering in Zelenograd Arcady Navaho's studio. A CD named Collecting Data MM.V.I: Spine Coated Catalyst, was ready in February 2006, becoming the first, though and self-published, release. By this moment the geography of concerts of band includes the majority of large cities of Siberian region, and also participation in 6 - m annual festival in Crimea Metal Heads' Mission ( 2005 ). In the spring the band has received the offer from Blacksmith Productions to publish debut mini - album to split of CD, together with project MANGLER.


2006 Collecting Data MM.V.I: Spine Coated Catalyst (CD - R)
Mangler/Abortarium (split CD)

e - mail: abortarium@kvadro.net



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